Welcome to my first blog. It’s certainly taken a while to create the space in the schedule …all it took was two days stuck in Christchurch with the first snow fall of the winter season! Capability Group has undergone a significant transformation over the past `12 months.

We have rebranded, refined our service offering to clients, established some new collaborations and we now have a broader range of amazing consultants working with us. Check out our website www.capabilitygroup.co.nz to see all of these changes. Capability Group has been around for 25 years and the one thing that hasn’t changed is our tag line ….releasing people potential for business success. This is what energises us all, no matter what project we’re asked to be involved with.

I will be blogging on a regular basis on a range of stuff including projects we are working, new learning from different disciplines, introducing our collaborators, and generally things we really care about here at Capability Group. We also have a Twitter account, so join up to keep track of the latest news and updates from us. Bye for now.