Evocca, Australia: 2015 to present day

Evocca is a rapidly growing Australian-based private training provider. Due to its significant increase in staff numbers over a short time frame, a number of organisational risks and opportunities were identified. These risks included falling student numbers due to reduced quality of the student learning experience related to the lack of a common understanding of effective teaching methods and practices, QA processes, H&S risks, and basic lack of understanding of organisational policies and procedures.

The project involved the implementation of the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform in 2015 to an initial tranche of 1000 employees.  This included project management, implementation consultancy, change and communications advice and design and development of learning modules focused on induction, learning and teaching methods, curriculum design, and health and safety amongst others.

Capability Group worked with the internal L&D team to upskill them on e-learning as a key learning delivery approach and the design of a new learning programme. We trained pivotal members of the internal team in the use of the Axonify platform, systems administration, and our instructional design approach. The project has been a huge success with significant knowledge and confidence lifts, participation and frequency rates. Feedback from all participants has been very positive and more learning is planned to be delivered via bite-sized content, with a focus on reinforcement.

A key learning from this project is that a strong internal champion makes all the difference to a successful outcome. In this case, the national L&D manager was a huge champion and did everything possible to ensure this project was a success.