Evocca 2015

Evocca, Australia: 2015 to present day

Evocca is a rapidly growing Australian-based private training provider. Due to its significant increase in staff numbers over a short time frame, a number of organisational risks and opportunities were identified. These risks included falling student numbers due to reduced quality of the student learning experience related to the lack of a common understanding of effective teaching methods and practices, QA processes, H&S risks, and basic lack of understanding of organisational policies and procedures.

The project involved the implementation of the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform in 2015 to an initial tranche of 1000 employees.  This included project management, implementation consultancy, change and communications advice and design and development of learning modules focused on induction, learning and teaching methods, curriculum design, and health and safety amongst others.

Capability Group worked with the internal L&D team to upskill them on e-learning as a key learning delivery approach and the design of a new learning programme. We trained pivotal members of the internal team in the use of the Axonify platform, systems administration, and our instructional design approach. The project has been a huge success with significant knowledge and confidence lifts, participation and frequency rates. Feedback from all participants has been very positive and more learning is planned to be delivered via bite-sized content, with a focus on reinforcement.

A key learning from this project is that a strong internal champion makes all the difference to a successful outcome. In this case, the national L&D manager was a huge champion and did everything possible to ensure this project was a success.

Fairfax Media 2014

Fairfax Media, New Zealand: 2014 to present day

Capability Group designed and delivered a continuous learning solution for Fairfax Media NZ National and Regional Sales teams ensuring identified business goals and performance indicators can be monitored and achieved. Capability Group managed the implementation of Axonify as Fairfax’s knowledge platform. The creation of content required us to work closely with Fairfax SMEs to develop bite-sized Axonify topics to reinforce Fairfax’s new sales process and methodology, as well as designing and delivering new technical product training. Capability Group is currently working with Fairfax Media in designing and delivering new blended learning programmes and ensuring existing learning is reinforced and sustained across the organisation.

Auckland Council

Auckland Council: 2011 to present day

Auckland Council is Australasia’s largest Council with a $3 billion annual budget and approximately 11,000 staff.

In 2011 we were asked to deliver two workshops for Auckland Council as part of its core curriculum.  These two workshops – “Building Personal Resilience” and “Leading Remote Teams” were so successful that we were requested to deliver them into different divisions/departments of the organisation.  In 2012, we were invited to provide a response to a RFP, and were successful in winning the bid to deliver three key workshops: “Team Leadership Training”, “Collaborative Relationships”, and “Training Tips for SMEs”.

The “Team Leadership Training” programme became the People Leaders Programme which is a longitudinal 4-day leadership programme that has been delivered to 1500 people leaders since 2012.  The purpose of the programme is to transform the culture of leadership at the Council, creating mindset shifts, establishing new cross-organisation relationships and building greater collaboration.  The programme links with the Council’s existing executive leadership programme and drives the content for other core curriculum programmes at the Council.

Capability Group continues to deliver key learning programmes as part of Council’s core curriculum.

Leadership Programme for SME’s

Leadership Programme for SME’s

In 2014, Capability Group decided it wanted to take the design principles and learning model that underpins our various leadership programmes for corporate clients and see if we could support SMEs across New Zealand to build their leadership capability. We established a partnership with the Greater East Tamaki Business Association (with a membership of 2,700 small to medium-sized businesses in the East Tamaki area) to design and pilot the programme. We contextualised our existing offering to the unique challenges faced by many SMEs and ran the first pilot programme in 2015. The programme focuses on building leadership capability in a local geographic area and building collaborative B2B relationships amongst those participating organisations.

The first group consisted of people leaders from ten different organisations.  The Greater East Tamaki Business Association organised an external, 360 review of the programme at the end of 2015.  Capability Group made minor tweaks to the programme as a result and we have just kicked off a second cohort in 2016.

focuses on building leadership capability in a local geographic area and building collaborative B2B relationships

Wellington City Council

Wellington City Council: Design Thinking

Capability Group conducted a design thinking process involving approximately 300 people leaders from across Wellington City Council in the design and development of a bespoke Leadership Capability Framework, as well as five longitudinal leadership programmes – including “Leading Teams” and “Emerging Leaders”. These programmes will be delivered to some 1,100 people over the next two to three years. Capability Group incorporated key elements of the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) tool and participants action plans into workshops and the “apply” phase programme.

I realised that leadership is a choice.  Previously I would have avoided certain tasks and requests but after our first module I realised I don’t have to be a manager to be a leader in this organisation.  I feel empowered to step up and make a difference.

The Warehouse Group

Assistant Managers Programme: The Warehouse Group

Since 2006, Capability Group has been a preferred supplier to The Warehouse Group (TWG). The initial contract was to design and deliver a comprehensive learning and development framework for their support office, plus related work across the business. The success of this contract resulted in significant other work within the Group including designing and facilitating, in partnership with internal subject matter experts, a 15-month Advanced Management Programme (AMP). Participants are presently a mix of front-line and middle managers.

AMP has been running at TWG for the past nine years and during this time has been adapted and changed to fit the ongoing requirements of the business. Capability Group has demonstrated an absolute understanding of TWG, working alongside many subject matter experts to meet the changing needs. AMP has shown quantifiable benefits to the business, along with compelling anecdotal evidence of performance improvement. The programme is highly sought after and will begin its 10th cohort in 2016.

Quantifiable success measures include:

  • Participants adding more than $300k in improvement of business processes and systems as a result of attending the programme
  • An increase in team engagement as measured by a team leadership diagnostic, which is carried out twice during each cohort
  • Significant anecdotal evidence is collected as participants give presentations on their key learning from AMP to the executive leadership team six weeks after the programme concludes

More than $300k in improvement of business processes and systems as a result of attending the programme


Student Support Services Review: Unitec

This project involved the centralisation of all applications and enrollments (including current and future state process mapping of 130 processes), the establishment and construction of three Student Central Centres, establishment and fit-out of six faculty administration offices, as well as two significant organisation restructures (approximately 1100 FTE). Capability Group was asked to provide project and change management planning and implementation services to the Unitec executive team. Initially, this involved working with the executive team to determine the scope and scale of change required. This was followed by the establishment of a Project Charter, including business problem objectives, benefits, governance, resource requirements, deliverables, milestones, and an indicative timeline.

Capability Group was also involved in working with the Unitec executive team to develop a change management plan that outlined the case for change, identification of key changes by stakeholder groups, the impacts of the change, a stakeholder management plan, a communications plan, change roles and accountabilities, and a training and business education plan. Change management plans were also developed for each restructure.

Capability Group provided an experienced change manager to lead the project and manage project governance, with support from a second change manager, an HR consultant, a process analyst and a technical writer, all provided by Capability Group for the duration of the project.

Capability Group was asked to provide project and change management planning and implementation services to the Unitec Executive Team

Auckland Libraries

Organisation Design: Libraries Collections

Capability Group was asked to develop a new organisation design that was innovative, agile and enabled the delivery of a fresh organisation strategy. The existing organisation structure of Libraries Collections was based on geography, whereas the new service delivery model was centralised so the change impact was significant. The project involved running a series of design workshops with all impacted staff, other key stakeholders and an internal design team. Capability Group consultants then worked through their multi-step agile design process to create a final organisation design ready for consultation.

new organisation design that was innovative, agile and enabled the delivery of a fresh organisation strategy

Auckland Leisure and Recreation

Organisation Design and Change: Leisure and Recreation

Since the 2010 amalgamation and creation of a single Auckland Council, the organisation redesign of the Leisure and Recreation function has been the biggest reorganisation to occur within Council. Impacting more than 1100 staff across leisure centres, swimming pools, early childhood centres and recreation planning, this project was significant in both scope and scale. Capability Group completed a detailed current state assessment, held a series of more than 20 design thinking workshops with impacted staff, facilitated workshops with an internal design team and executed the development of the detailed service delivery model and organisation structure.

Impacting more than 1,100 staff .... this project was significant in both scope and scale

People Leaders Programme / Emerging Leaders Programme – Tourism NZ

People Leaders Programme / Emerging Leaders Programme – Tourism NZ

CGL designed and delivered a 3-day Business Leaders Programme to meet the purpose of accelerating the required skills, thinking and behaviours of Tourism NZ Business Leaders to execute their vision, mission and values.  Emphasis was on enabling leaders to select the tools and techniques that would enable them to demonstrate desired leadership behaviours, drive and influence change and implement an ongoing personal development plan.  Content included exploring different leadership behaviours, coaching, decision-making, leading change, influencing and collaborating.  Learning processes involved 360° feedback, experiential activities, storytelling, real life issue analysis and problem solving with presentations to senior executives, application of tools to own situations and guest speakers.

The success of this programme has led to CGL being asked to develop and deliver Tourism NZ Emerging Leaders Programme, which was completed in March 2014.  Once again this was a well-executed and well-received programme run over 5 days.  The programme specifically looked at building skills in self-awareness, self-leadership, credibility, influence and a learning mindset.  Feedback from this programme has been 100% positive.