We believe that learning is the key to individual and organisational adaptiveness

Change is a popular word, frequently overused and often poorly understood. Our years of experience and expertise means we know how to embed new ways of working and behaviours, resulting in highly adaptive individuals and organisations. We research the latest findings from neuroscience and behavioural psychology and believe that a learning orientation is key, as is an “all in” human-centred design approach to the implementation of change initiatives. Our consultants possess a unique toolkit to enable you to make change stick.


This is an area of specialisation for Capability Group, whether it be for the whole organisation, or specific functions within an organisation. We apply design thinking methodologies and design participatory processes where all impacted staff are engaged in creating and defining the change required in a pragmatic way. The result is multidimensional and integrated change strategies and plans.


Bringing together creativity, design thinking and an agile development process, Capability Group’s OrgREDESIGN methodology will ensure your organisation structure is logical, future-proof, responsive and adaptable. We have developed a series of innovative design thinking workshops that can cater to a wide group of impacted staff. Then, in conjunction with your nominated internal design team, Capability Group will facilitate the implementation of change strategies.


Our programme challenges traditional thinking about organisational change. We have seen extraordinary results by combining a structured change methodology with a focus on developing a change mindset in leaders and employees. We offer two unique, research-based change mindset programmes. These programmes help individuals, leaders, and teams increase psychological flexibility and change agility, while strengthening resilience and improving productivity and performance.


We can work within your change management framework, or we can implement our own, built on the work of Kotter & Co and informed by the latest findings from neuroscience. Our framework uses diagnostics to define the problem or opportunity, includes design thinking methodologies, builds the capability of your workforce and people leaders, and reinforces changes to make them stick.


Our change management specialists have diverse experiences, are systems thinkers and many are organisation development practitioners. We provide a consistent supply of Capability Group change managers at short notice and a best-fit resourcing model. You get the right level of capability for each stage of your change initiative, with back-up and interchangeability as required.


We believe that reinforcing new ways of working and behaviours is key to embedding change. The Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform is the best tool that we’ve come across to do just that and we now incorporate it into many of our clients’ change initiatives.

Case Studies

Keeping your balance on a surfboard is a matter of continuous adjustment. There is no one stance that which makes subsequent adjustment unnecessary 

– Edward De Bono