Building a culture of
learner accountability,
learner independence.

“How do we get our employees to take accountability for their learning?”  This is a question we are often asked by our clients.

One of the keys to building a culture of learning independence is to shift the focus away from workshop attendance to on “on the job” application of learning and being very systematic about this … design how “on the job learning” is going to work for learners and present this as the significant component of the learning event.  Even better, involve programme participants in the design of the “on the job learning” component of the programme.  This does not mean workshops stop being run … in fact they are critical to ensure you get the benefits of shared learning and sharing of experiences.  Rather, this shifts the focus and accountability of application of learning to the learner.  This also requires a shift away from one off learning events to longitudinal programmes where there are short workshops followed by big chunks of time to apply learning on the job, followed by another workshop, etc.  One up managers of learners also need to be engaged in this process and upskilled in coaching conversations, knowing when to step back  and their role in creating a learning oriented culture.  Next generation e-learning platforms like Axonify are great for supporting both learners and managers in taking a proactive role in their learning.