I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 18 months working on various aspects of the Government’s rollout of a new optical fibre network that will give us all access to ultra fast and high capacity internet services. The government is spending about $1.5 billion on this new infrastructure.

While the roll-out is interesting technically, logistically and commercially, the focus is now rapidly changing to build people’s awareness of what the network enables, how to connect to it once it has been laid in your street and why it’s a good idea to connect. The network will provide ultrafast and high capacity internet services to both residents and businesses. The transformational impact of this on our everyday lives, on the services offered by businesses and on health and education is extraordinary. Most of us don’t yet realise we’re in the midst of significant change. And this is where Capability Group comes in, with the work it is doing with Auckland Council and it’s Digital Leaders Forum. Members of this forum are tasked with creating action plans to drive demand for uptake of ultrafast broadband and we are working with Council advising on stakeholder engagement, communications and change management strategies. It’s exciting and I’ll keep you up to date with some of the initiatives that emerge over the months and years ahead. For more info check out www.cfh.govt.nz. If you want to know when fibre is being rolled out down your street and what you need to do to connect to the network check out www.chorus.co.nz.