We are fanatical about research, whether it’s the latest findings from neuroscience, behavioural psychology, the psychology of learning or leadership development. We are business-savvy and pragmatic, and experts at translating research and evidence into transformative and future-oriented leadership programmes.

People Leaders Programmes

We start with a design thinking process to kick off a conversation about leadership challenges and aspirations. This engages people leaders and ensures the programme is contextualised and relevant to participants and the organisation. We bring to the table next generation leadership development principles, learning design principles, and key programme elements focused on generating behaviour change and mindset shifts. We then add a number of proven leadership tools and frameworks into the mix.


Multimedia delivered ahead of "explore"


Facilitated face to face workshops


Applying tools / Techniques / Knowledge on the job


Applying tools / Techniques / Knowledge on the job

SME Leadership

We have developed a leadership programme specifically targeted for small and medium-sized enterprises. The programme focuses on building leadership capability in local business areas with an emphasis on building collaborative B2B relationships amongst participating organisations. Pragmatic, cost-effective, high-impact and with the ability for participants to gain credits towards a National Diploma in Business, this programme receives rave reviews.

NFP Leadership

We have developed a leadership programme specifically targeted to the not-for-profit and social sector. Based on extensive research of the capability and leadership challenges across the sector, along with our learning model, we have created a powerful programme that builds both leadership capability and collaborative relationships across participating organisations.


We have designed a unique, innovative process for measuring the success of our leadership programmes. Combining two methodologies - Kirkpatrick's Evaluation Model and EvaluLEAD - to form a robust and relevant evaluation process, this matrix methodology aims to assist in the exploration and documentation of a leadership development programme’s complex results (intangible outcomes), while also providing multiple lenses through which to evaluate the outcomes of the programme using both evidential and evocative inquiry.

We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn 

– Peter Drucker