Build the adaptability of your people in ambiguous times

In conversations with many of our clients over the past few months, we have identified the four following common issues or concerns you think you will need to address over the next 3-12 months.



Keeping a check on your employee’s mental wellbeing and ensuring you have appropriate mechanisms in place to deal with issues if they arise.



Team leaders are looking for strategies and tactics to keep their dispersed teams engaged.



Some teams are struggling to work remotely across different geographic locations.



Some employees are experiencing high levels of anxiety with mixed levels of resilience, which will continue to evolve over the months ahead.
To provide support for organisations our Field Guides feature a range of digital and blended learning resources for you, your team, and your organisation to feel supported as we navigate our way through these ambiguous times.

New Normal Field Guide solutions

Designed to sit alongside the work of the Mental Health Foundation and St Johns, our animation series focuses on mental wellbeing, targeted at employees and people leaders.  Suitable for awareness campaigns within an organisation, or as learning content made available via your organisation’s intranet or microlearning LMS.

Enabling leaders to build high performing teams when employees are working remotely, or across different geographic locations. Identify the key elements of a high performing team in a mixed-location context; Identify strategies to build psychological safety in times of uncertainty; Adapt strategies to create engaging and flexible communication across the team and promote accountability through effective coaching skills.

Support teams that have struggled with new ways of working through disruptions from COVID-19 to build resilience, energy, and performance as we adapt to our current reality. Designed to help you: Identify the key elements of a high performing team in a mixed-location context; build a healthy team climate that enables safety and trust in uncertain times; clearly identify team purpose and focus on strengths; use existing tools to communicate priorities.

Support your employees with the time and tools to build their resilience, energy, and performance as we adjust to our current reality. Identify the stress response and strategies to leverage stress for growth; create a focus on skills that enable positive focus during uncertainty; develop clarity on personal strengths and values.

Support your teams to reconnect and accelerate their adaptation to new ways of working and your evolving external environment.Wishing you and your organisations well over the months ahead, and remember we are here to help out and collaborate in a range of different ways.