change management

Time to bring creativity into change management

We believe it’s time to bring a bit of creativity and innovation into organisation change programmes and involve team members in designing both the change experience...

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microlearning app

Sheepish Decisions

In recent years, there has been a magnifying glass placed on the approach businesses take to corporate learning...

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Axonify learning management system new zealand

3 Reasons To Observe Learning On The Job

One way to focus training is to track learning that is and isn’t being applied to determine specific behavior changes you would like to see in...

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Adding Value & Giving Back

I recently viewed a video entitled ‘Secret to Finding a Fulfilling Career’. At the core, Tony poses a valuable and relevant question...

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The Modern Learner

As a learning advocate, how are you keeping your modern leaner engaged? Here are a few questions for you to think about to help you think...

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So how do you get courage?  Bravery, fear, and courage are all linked. I’ve been around long...

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A long exposure of a road at twilight.

A Time For Change

Supporting non-profit organisations to address change is a key area of focus at Capability Group Ltd.

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Microlearning platforms

Design Thinking

Let the circle of innovation begin, you say … but how?  How do organisations train people to think like innovators?...

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A child finger painting.

Simple vs. Complex Problems

Simple problems are ones like baking a cake from a mix. There is a recipe. Complicated problems are...

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Leadership Programme for SME’s

In 2014, Capability Group decided it wanted to take the design principles and learning model that underpins...

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