Our partners

We partner with a selection of like-minded organisations: people and brands who share our mission to grow individual capability and transform workplace cultures. They are good sorts who we love to work with and together we design solutions that have a transformative impact on individuals, organisations and communities.

We have joined forces with brand and qualitative research consultancy HT Group to bring the Leap diversity and inclusion programme to Asia Pacific. Leap is the first ever blended learning solution to build cultural intelligence (CQ), diverse thinking and inclusive practices across an entire workforce. Other elements of diversity – such as accessibility, age, gender and LGBTI – will be incorporated into the Leap programme in 2019.

Vector is one of the most innovative and conscious energy companies in New Zealand. We love the work they do and that they give back to their community in so many ways. We are very proud to partner with Vector to build the capabilities of Pasifika people leaders across a wide array of different organisations.

Added Insight is our sister company (we have the same owners) and they bring the diagnostic tools of psychometric assessment and 360 surveys to our programmes. In return, we provide learning programme design and delivery to their offerings. Together, we have delivered valuable integrated solutions to our clients and will continue to innovate and push boundaries with the Insight platform.

Be. Accessible is a social change initiative and a holistic framework for accessibility with a mission to create a truly accessible country for us all.  We are proud to partner with Be in a number of different ways including supporting the building of capability of those on the Be Employed programme and the Be Intern programme.