I recently attended the Semi Permanent Conference with one of our collaborators, designer and general creative guru from Mr Scott, Adam Sheffield. Whilst I was an SP novice, I have been passionate about design and creativity forever ….and this was an amazing experience. It involved about 18 designers and creatives from across the globe and from a range of creative industries sharing their work in design and life stories.

There were a couple of things that really stuck out to me. The first was the number of speakers who referred to “referencing” or even “stealing” the ideas of others, building on these ideas and adding their own creative input to generate something altogether new and genius. In the creative industries it’s ok to borrow ideas from others! Most of the speakers referred to their forever changing reference library of images, quotes, big ideas that they stored either digitally or in hardcopy. These libraries are something that very good designers and creatives invest a lot of time in refreshing and keeping up to date. I’ve started building mine already! The stand out presentation of the conference for me was from Kelli Anderson. See her website herehttp://kellianderson.com/index.html and Kelli’s TED talk here http://kellianderson.com/blog/2012/02/my-tedx-talk/