Shifting mindsets…. retaining knowledge…
the health and safety revolution

With the introduction of the Health and Safety At Work Bill and the establishment of Worksafe NZ, safety is now top of the agenda for many NZ Chief Executives and their teams.

Most organisations will strive for a mindset, behavioural and culture shift across all employees when it comes to safety and many organisations are currently developing programmes to create this shift.  Policies and processes that comply with the requirements of the new Bill will invariably be the first cab off the rank.  Training on these new policies and processes will then follow, including Leading Safety as a core component of Leadership Development programmes.   The danger is that implementation of new Health and Safety programmes stops at this point and the required mindset shift does not occur.

We know from brain science, that within a month of a training session most of us are lucky to retain any more than 5-10% of any knowledge gained from the workshop.  Health and Safety is one of many aspects of an organisations landscape where policy and process knowledge retention is critical to supporting new ways of working and new attitudes.

We have recently come across one of the best tools we have ever seen that supports knowledge retention in a highly engaging way.  We are so impressed with this next generation e-learning platform that Capability Group has partnered with the Canadian tech company that has developed the tool to distribute it to NZ organisations and we are looking to distribute this in China.  It’s an e-learning platform that incorporates gamification, learning tailored to the individual, individual learning maps, comprehensive reporting and requires only 90 seconds of the learners time each day.  This is a game changer and the perfect complement to support and embed the changes required by the Health and Safety revolution before us.  For more information on the future of Safety Awareness training or for a demo contact

Check out WorkSafe’s new website here ….