Corporate Learning Solutions

Corporate Learning Solutions

As a customer, consumer, or whatever other noun you use to describe being on the receiving end of a sale, it can often be tough to distinguish between what you want and what you need, as well as what sounds like the answer and what actually is. This especially holds true in the world of business.

As a business leader, there are a variety of solutions out there which claim to be able to solve your business issue, each one with a sales team behind them making their product sound as appetizing as the next.

Unbiased insight on where to turn for your business solution is hard to come by these days, so it’s always refreshing when you come across someone who knows what their talking about while having no angle whatsoever.

I stumbled upon such advice recently while browsing tools to enhance learning in the workplace. Joe Ganci, an eLearning consultant who has been in the industry for 33 years and counting, published an article last week which focused on how to keep up with the ever-adjusting trends of corporate learning.

He writes about Canadian Software Company Axonify, who offers an employee knowledge platform that he says is easy to use, a sophisticated and unique platform which provides a solution that stands out from its competitors.

Using infographics and screenshots of the platform to help guide his review of Axonify, Ganci does a full walkthrough of the platform providing an overview that is both informative and easy to follow.

The main verticals in which Axonify is currently applied are discussed, along with additional industries that the eLearning veteran believes could also reap huge benefits from Axonify. If you’re interested in exploring what this Learning and Development tool can offer your business, take some advice from a man who’s not earning a cent of commission on what he’s preaching.

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