The Modern Learner

The Modern Learner

We’ve been thinking a lot about the modern leaner and how to adapt learning solutions. Bersin by Delloite has identified the following traits of the modern learner.

As a learning advocate, how are you keeping your modern leaner engaged? Here are a few questions for you to think about to help you think 

– Distractions /interruptions often lead to errors and leaders are having to address this issue increasingly. Do you have measures in place to track error rates?

– Is information about processes and learning materials available to employees, as and when they need them?

– What kind of training do you deliver (face-to-face, online etc) and how do you measure the ROI?

 – Is your training bite-sized to ensure they are engaged and learning is effective?

– To make interruptions/distractions and errors tangible, how do you observe behaviours and track employee or team improvements?

– How are you making learning part of their everyday to increase the ‘1% of time for training & development?

That’s a lot to think about!  In summary, the bones (i.e. the people) of your organisations are ever changing. How are you keeping up with your modern learner?