Pep talk for student in new zealand

Pep Talk

Pep Talk 

PepTalk is a programme we have developed to address the “preparedness gap” for young people transitioning from tertiary study to the world of work.

It is a culmination of over 2-years of research and thinking into the ways in which this “gap” could be filled. We are taking a lean start-up approach to the development of Peptalk so it will continue to be a work in progress.

One of the things we have noticed across all or our corporate clients is they are all dealing with the same issue; graduates not having the requisite skills or capabilities to get up to speed in organizations quickly. What we hear from graduates is that they struggle to get their first “real” job due to their lack of work experience and/or skills.

We have set up a facebook page called Time for a PepTalk. This is about establishing a community of young people transitioning from study into work and intends to provide insightful tips, techniques and inspiration to assist graduates in securing that first job post-uni or establish their own start-up. Check out our Time for Pep Talk page on Facebook

As we continue with our product and services prototyping and testing we are hoping to collaborate with universities, students associations, corporates and other interested. If you are interested in this programme you can visit our Pep Talk webpage