The future of learning has arrived and we are leading the charge

Corporate learning is rapidly changing. We know more about how the brain processes and retains information than ever before, millennials are now prevalent in the workforce, learners are curating their own content, and new technology can deliver bite-sized bursts of learning at any time and on any device. Capability Group is at the leading edge of these changes, designing transformative blended learning programmes and creating effective learning cultures for clients across Australasia.

Design Thinking

Thinking like a designer can transform the way organisations develop learning programmes and services, processes and strategy. We apply design methods and thinking to learning and capability challenges. Using a collaborative and participatory design process, our learners are actively involved in shaping and prototyping learning programmes.

Design Principles

Our consultants are attuned to the latest research in learning, memory, behavioural psychology and neuroscience. This research informs the design principles that underpin all our learning programme.

Learning Model

Our well established learning model is the result of comprehensive research. The Prepare / Explore / Apply / Reinforce model gets fantastic results, supporting effective skills and competency development, mindset shift and behaviour change.


Multimedia delivered ahead of "explore"


Facilitated face to face workshops


Applying tools / Techniques / Knowledge on the job


Applying tools / Techniques / Knowledge on the job


Through our partnership with Axonify, we are transforming learning and outcomes for market leaders across numerous industries. Axonify is the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform that maximises training investment and employee knowledge retention by pushing beyond the boundaries of e-learning and delivering bite-sized content using spaced repetition. Axonify combines award-winning microlearning with innovative knowledge-on-demand capabilities to ensure employees are well-equipped to do the right things right. The entire experience is gamified, driving higher levels of engagement and participation in knowledge-building. The platform can also measure knowledge growth and tie it directly to learned behaviours that impact business outcomes. Finally, there is a way to ensure employees are fully equipped with the information they need– and connect their actions directly to organisation performance.

Analytics / ROI

It is no longer enough to track and monitor the learning completed by employees in traditional LMS systems. The Axonify platform allows you to track and monitor what employees know and then to deliver learning bursts to remedy knowledge deficits in real time. This is invaluable when new content is critical to employees performing their role well. Managers are also able to review real-time data covering all aspects of their team’s learning any time and on any device. These learning analytics become critical when you want to understand the ROI of your employee’s learning.

We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn 

– Peter Drucker